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The account of kari_xiii only her personal toy / collectibles journal. Named after her 'nobody', Axirk.

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Tags -

Digimon - I luff Digimon. //

Digimon Plushies - My all-time favourite collection.

Tailmon "Gatomon" - My favourite Digimon.

Pokemon - I luff Pokemon too.//

Pokemon Plush - I love plushies. Very badly.

Specific Pokemon Tags (No order):
Absol, Kolink "Shinx", Cubone, Mew, Legendary Birds,
Vulpix, Slowking, Totodile + evos, Jirachi Collection

Plushies - Can't live without them.

Lion King / Simba - My all-time favourite Disney film/character.

Stitch - My second all-time favourite Disney film/character.

Kingdom Hearts - My all-time favourite videogame, and another fave collection.

Yu Yu Hakusho - Favourite. Series. EVER. Much love to the main man, Urameshi Yusuke.