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Wed, Apr. 30th, 2008, 02:10 am
Yay plushie package!

I can't believe I got Altaria for only $3.40. I've wanted this plush for a fair while, but as I didn't collect Altaria, didn't want to pay out too much. Though I also never expected to get it that cheap either. And also, when I opened a pack of Ex Dragon Frontiers today, Swablu was in it! So Altaria (aka 'Ty') has a new friend <3

And, Igglybuff. IMPULSE BUY. It had 2 minutes left from the same seller, £0.99 starting bid. No one bid so I thought I may as well give her a home too. And man, I'm so glad I did. She's so cute, even better than the photo I was given. Very happy with both of them!