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Fri, Feb. 8th, 2008, 09:24 pm

A quick summary of what I've received lately!

Ah, not.... Too terrible. Feraligatr, Flaaffy, Dratini & Dragonair make up for it. And one swap, Koffing!

Close up of Ordile. And he's 1st Edition, which makes him even more special.

Moukazaru Jakks figure from crimsonangel01! He looks so awesome. I love middle fire starters. Or, middle starters in general.

Charmeleon Bell Plushie from Gin! So cute, and his little bell.... KYA.

Meet Krite. I have a good reason behind that name, but I don't expect anyone to know why. Blazing monkey love. .....Even though Pochama was my starter, eh heh.